On this page all available hand-outs, presentations etc. will be published. If you have any questions about the material you can connect to the presenters directly.


– Powerpoint presentation Anna Timmermans’ opening lecture ‘ What’s next?’

– Powerpoint presentation Mirna Luz Molina-Ramos ‘Core Energetics and Family Constellations in a Pro-life Point of View’

– Powerpoint Presentation Fernando Aquiar & Thais de Queriroz ‘Online Core Therapy: Challenges and Possibilities’

– Resources presentation Lisa Loustaunau ‘Moving Through Resistance and Finding Resilience and Meaning in the Face of Accelerating Global Climate Crisis ‘

– Powerpoint Workshop Achiel van Tienen & Tanja Konig ‘Beyond Betrayal: Can We Overcome Infidelity in our Relationship?’

– Powerpoint workshop Fernando Aquiar ‘Within and Beyond the Defense Structures’

– Powerpoint social project Maty Cesin ‘TOH Nature Co-Design’

– Powerpoint workshop Thais Queiroz – Core Feminine