Are alcohol beverages served during lunch, diner, or in evenings?

In order to provide a fertile healthy environment of connection and clarity we have a non-alcoholic policy during the full convention.

I have a specific diet/allergy. What can I do?

Fill out your diet/allergy wishes directly on the registration form.

My diet/allergy isn’t mentioned on the registration form

Please send us an email. We will do our best to find a solution with the chef of the Convention Centre.

I forget to register my diet/allergy on the registration form

Please send us an email with your diet/allergy wishes.

Can I bring my own food?

For hygienic reasons you cannot bring your own food.

Can I cook my own food?

There is no possibility for cooking your own food.

Can I book extra lunches and diners?

Yes. Please send us an email with the amount of extra lunches or diners you prefer. Prices for extra lunches are € 14,- (including 6% tax). Diners cost € 22,50 (including 6% tax). Drinks are not included. Do not transfer money to our account. Please pay the extra lunches and diners at the reception of the Convention Centre at your arrival.