How does the sharing a room work?

At the registration form you can fill in your preference for the person you want to share your room with. If both of you fill in the other’s name you automatically share a room. If one of you does not register or the preferences does not match a room-mate will be assigned. Assigning the rooms will be done by same sex and as far as possible same nationality. Rooms will be assigned only very shortly before the convention so we cannot provide you with information before arrival. There will be a list at the Convention Centre.

Can I swap rooms?

Of course it is possible to swap rooms before and during the convention. You do not have to inform us in advance if you make a swap. In order to abide by the safety procedures we ask you to always inform the reception at the Convention Center at your check-in or during the convention.

Can I bring my partner/spouse?

Yes, we welcome all partners to the Convention. Attending the convention means being a participant. Thus partners can sign up by using the regular registration form [here] and are asked to attend the full program.

When is check in/check out?

Check in is possible from Wednesday early morning. Check out is possible until Sunday late afternoon. If you booked extra nights this could be different depending on the day of your arrival or departure. The Convention Center team is very flexible. Different check out times can be asked on arrival at the Convention Center. If you inform us about your preferred check in time we will ask the Convention Center.

How do I book extra nights/meals?

You can book extra nights by sending us an e-mail with how many extra nights, your time of arrival/departure and if you need extra lunches/diners (breakfast is included). Price for a night, including breakfast, is € 40,-. Price for extra lunches is € 14,- and € 22,50 for diner (both including 6% VAT). Do not transfer the money to our account but please pay at the Convention Center on arrival.