Terms and conditions

Core Convention 2018


General conditions


Article 1: Definitions

Hereafter to be called in these general conditions:


Stichting Core Convention 2018


Core Energetics Convention, taking place in the Netherlands from August 29 to September 3 2018.


The one who applies for the Convention.


The natural person taking part in the Convention.


Every agreement between the Foundation and the Participant in which the Foundation has the obligation to provide the Participant with the Convention against payment to be paid by the Participant at the therefore prevailing rates.


The Fee the participant has to pay to the Foundation for accommodation and to follow the Convention.


Article 2: Applicability

2.1 These general conditions are to be applied to all services and are applicable to every Agreement and are inextricably linked.

2.2 Legal deviation of the general conditions and of the Agreement is only possible after written consent between the Foundation and Participant.

2.3 When one or more stipulations of these present general conditions, according to Dutch Law, are to be deemed null, or should they be abolished, the other stipulations will remain completely relevant. The Foundation and Participant will then enter negotiations in order to replace the stipulation deemed null or the annulled stipulation by another stipulation that is as much as possible in agreement with the goal and the overall meaning of the original stipulation.


Article 3: Application in order to participate

3.1 It is only possible to apply for participation by registering on the website. With the application, the Applicant declares to abide by these present general conditions. Only when the application on the website is completed and the full amount is paid by the Applicant the application is completed.

3.2 At all times the Foundation is entitled to cancel an application due to justifiable circumstances. If the application is cancelled the Foundation will pay the Applicant he full amount paid by the Applicant  within the period 1 month after cancellation.


Article 4: The Convention’s content

4.1 The Convention’s content is in compliance with the main guidelines as depicted on the Foundation’s website or on the accompanying flyer. The Foundation reserves at all times the right to apply changes to the Convention’s content, provided that the main guidelines as depicted on the Foundation’s website or on the accompanying flyer will be preserved.

4.2 The Foundation hires accommodation that is suitable for the Convention. The rental costs of the venues were the Convention is being offered, are included in the in the fee for the Convention, unless specified otherwise.


Article 5: Annulment and suspension of Convention

5.1 The Convention at all times reserves the right to alter the date of the Convention or the right to annul the Convention. In this event the Foundation will inform the applicant as soon as possible. The Foundation will offer the applicant a new Convention to the greatest extent possible.

5.2 In the event that the Foundation is not able, due to whatever circumstances, to let a part of the Convention take place, the Foundation will provide an adequate alternative. When such a change takes place, he is not entitled to a partial restitution of the fee for the Convention.

5.3 The Participant is only able to annul the Agreement taking into account the following stipulations:

5.3.1 The Annulment shall be done by a written statement.

5.3.2 In the event of an annulment of the Agreement until 6 months before the beginning of the Convention, no fee for the Convention has to be paid.

5.3.3 Possibly already paid fees for the Convention will, in the event of annulment, be restituted by the Foundation to the Participant, taking into account that the Participant has the right to a restitution in compliance with the previous conditions.

5.3.4 When prevented from attending a Convention for whatever reason, the participant has the right to send a replacement, provided that this person meets with the conditions for admittance.

5.3.5 In the event that the Participant fails to take part in parts of the Convention, the fee for the Convention will not be restituted.

5.3.6 In the event of misconduct by the Participant, or if the Participant violates the prevalent stipulations with regards to order and safety, the Foundation has the right to refuse the Participant entry to the Convention and the building, without any restitution of the fee for the Convention.


Article 6: Conditions for payment

6.1 The full amount has to be paid in advance by the Participant when registering on the website.

6.2 The Foundation provides the Participant with an invoice with regards to the Convention after the registration and before or at the Convention.

6.3 In the event that the payment has not been made in due time, the Foundation has the right not to admit the Participant to the Convention and to invoke the annulment of the Agreement.

6.5 Payment in installments is not possible.

6.6 In the event that the Participant remains in default regarding the payment obligations or fails to perform, then the costs made extra legally in order to receive satisfaction are to be paid by the Applicant/ Participant. Additionally, the Participant is held to pay the legal commercial interest on the collection expenses.


Article 7: Intellectual property and Secrecy

7.1 At all time, the Foundation is the claimant to rights of intellectual property with regards to goods, material and information provided to the Participant, unless otherwise mentioned in writing by the Foundation.

7.2 The participant will not multiply or mention the goods, materials and information or their security as mentioned in article 7.1.

7.3 The participant does not have permission to alter in any way the goods, materials and information or their security as mentioned in article 7.1.

7.4 At all times, the participant is held to secrecy with regards to (the contents of the) in member 1 mentioned goods, materials and information, and to only use them for the purpose for which the right to use them has been granted.

7.5 All information provided by the Participant to the Foundation is being treated confidentially by its employees and lecturers and will only be used for the purpose it was destined.


Article 8: Non-competition

8.1 The Participant is not allowed to develop a similar Convention based upon the Convention provided by the Foundation and the accompanying educational materials without prior insistent consent by the Foundation.


Article 9: Liability

9.1 The Convention is not in any way responsible for damages/ costs due to the annulment or the alternation of the Convention.

9.2 The Convention bears no liability for damages that might occur with or to a Participant due to the given lectures, workshops, advisements or instructions. The use by the Participant of the of the educational material and the application of the given lectures, workshops, advisements and instructions happens on your own account and at your own risk.


Article 10: Settling complaints

10.1 In the event of disagreements, between the Participant and the Foundation, about any aspect regarding, or caused by the Agreement between the Participant and the Foundation, a written complaint can be filed by letter or by e-mail with the Foundation committee.

10.2 In any case, the complaint report shall comprise: the name of the person filing the complaint, the date of the statement, the date of occurrence of the incident connected with the complaint, a clear description of the complaint, and the person or body the complaint is filed against, the reason for the complaint and a signature.

10.3 Every complaint will be treated confidentially.

10.4 The complaint will be treated within 4 weeks. If a longer period of time is needed to perform the inquest, the participant concerned will be notified within a period of 4 weeks and provided with the reason of the postponement and an indication of when a decision can be expected.

10.5 In the event that the internal treatment by the Foundation committee does not lead to a for both parties acceptable solution, the Foundation will take care that the complaint is transferred to a third independent party, who will further deal with the complaint.

10.6 As the third independent party as meant in 11.6, Mr. J.C.M. Bonnier, lawyer based in Wijchen, The Netherlands, is appointed.

10.7 The Foundation acknowledges this third party’s assessment in advance as binding. Possible indications by this party for the Foundation will be followed up within 6 weeks. The Participant is allowed to initiate legal proceedings before the proper court.

10.8 Complaints and the way they are being treated are being registered and are being kept 4 years after treatment.


Article 11: Applicable law

11.1 Dutch Law applies to all agreements and disputes caused by or connected with these general conditions and the Agreements on which these general conditions apply.

11.2 Only the Rechtbank arrondisement Gelderland, locatie Arnhem, has the competence to judge the disputes caused by or connected with the general conditions and the Agreements on which these general conditions apply.